Access a diverse portfolio

Prepurchase carbon credits from a diverse set of projects spanning natural and engineered carbon removal needed to reverse climate change.

Secure high integrity credits

Future-proof your climate program by buying high quality carbon removal credits compliant with the SBTI's Net-Zero Standard.

Earn a carbon return

Unlock additional tons of CO2 at a discount as portfolio projects begin to deliver offsets and scale their operations.

Diligence done for you

Our carbon removal experts handle project vetting & contracting using our science-based evaluation framework.

Track and share progress

Real-time dashboards and APIs enable you to track performance and report out on your carbon removal portfolio to stakeholders.

Be a climate leader

Cement your place as a corporate climate leader through funding a critical industry needed for global decarbonization.

Team up to pull gigatons of CO2 from the air.

The science is clear — we need to remove billions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in addition to rapid emissions cuts to preserve a livable planet. A growing number of experts are calling for an advanced market commitment now, so carbon removal can be deployed at the scale and cost needed within a few short years. With Drawdown Carbon, you are teaming up with like-minded organizations to participate in the large scale advanced market commitment we urgently need to reach gigaton scale carbon removal and reverse climate change.

Drawdown Carbon Pooled Carbon Removal Fund Drawdown Carbon Pooled Carbon Removal Fund
Multiply your climate impact with Drawdown's Carbon Removal Fund
  • Pool your funds with other investors to inject the large amounts of up-front capital needed to catalyze frontier carbon removal.
  • Send a strong market demand signal with multi-year commitments to give the carbon removal industry confidence to start building production capacity now.
  • Increase the total supply of carbon removal credits we need to ensure we can satisfy global demand and keep warming below 1.5°C.
  • Promote high quality carbon markets based on removals to replace the low-integrity avoidance and reduction offsets that are still used today in voluntary markets.